Monday, March 28, 2011

The Maddie James Foundation

For my first "real" post I want to make it an important one. Well, I don't think it gets more important then this.... I have "liked"  Rainbow Dolls on facebook for quite awhile and noticed a post she had posted about The Maddie James Foundation. I clicked on the link and instantly started reading a journal about Maddie and her family. I of course was in tears ( I am very emotional when it comes to children). I found myself still in tears just thinking about it a few days later. This is when I decided I needed to donate to the auction Megan was holding. I am sure Megan has many contributors that are out of my league but I just needed to do something.

If you haven't read about Maddie I strongly encourage you to do so. I myself have a soon to be 7 year old daughter and could not imagine my life without her.... She IS my life along with her brother! but not only was Maddie taken away from her family @ the age of 5...her family only received a 10 week notice. It just breaks my heart and makes me hug mine much much tighter and even a bit more often.

So this is what I donated. A huge Octopus Beach Bag to go along with the Ocean theme. I will post more info about the Auction as soon as Megan gets everything together!

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