Friday, March 25, 2011

I will never write a Blog....

I have never had the desire or temptation to write a blog....not because I don't like them. I LOVE reading them. I actually spend way to much "free" time (also known as laundry and dishes time) reading everyone Elses blogs. I search for tutorials and get inspired by all the creative people out there...some blogs I read just because their life seems so similar to mine and find amusement and comfort in them....But I will never start a blog...... I am eating my words today.

I guess It is the whole writing thing. I am a horrible writer. English was my worst subject. Math and Science were easy but writing a paper then actually having to edit it...HA... and don't get me started on spelling. And I would say the other reason is not having the time but from reading other Blogs I can not mention this. I read about moms with 5 kids and a steady sewing business and always posting items for sale...full Etsy shops and doing photography on the side for fun..... Here I am with only two kids and deciding whether I should make the husband happy and clean or make myself happy and skip it to sew during those few hours of "free" time.

So starting a Blog is not likely...And yet here I am.

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