Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Am I crazy???

Okay so I have decided to enter the Lil Blue Boo Dharma Trading Company Contest. I figured why not? It certainly can't hurt to send a picture and see.... right???  They give you pretty much free reign.... basically make something interesting and send it in. So... here is my first creation using Embelishments...surprised??? You know how I am with embelishing...never enough!!!! HeeHee  I LOVE these pants they are fun and have a 70's feel. On each side of knee is a strip of elastic for a cute tug on each side....and seriously WHAT would these pants NOT match???? I personally love them with sandals, Mary Janes, flip flops and of course the ol' Converse. These pants are a very light weight denim perfect for spring, cool summer nights and fall. They make me smile and better yet they make my daughter smile evry time they come out of the dryer!

Go and check out the contest and other entries...I am sure there will be some AMAZING things!!!        !Lil Blue Boo/ Dharma Trading Company Design Challenge

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