Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mothers's Day Garden Party!

 Jamie Matzinger and I decided to throw a Mother's Day Garden Party this month for our second "mommy & me" event.  What a perfect time of year for little girls to spend quality time with mom. That doesn't happen very often here at my house. Quality time with the kids one-on-one is convincing one child to stay home with dad while the other joins you in what was supposed to be a quick trip to the store. Conversation in the car consists of them speaking a mile a minute about something or someone you do not know (come to find out neither did they it was a made up story)...So your 15 min car ride was completely frustrating. My in and out shopping trip turned into 45 mins not to mention a quick trip to "look @ the toys".  By the end I am feeling guilty because secretly I wish they would have stayed home with dad also....
   I LOVE special times with the kids one on one. I need it. It's the only time they do not interrupt each other, start tattling, yelling and aggravating...OH THE AGGRAVATION!!!!  This was the point of throwing these parties...haha...and even though O and I didn't get to spend the time at the party. It seems the preparations for the party was our "us" time. She is my big helper and when it come to crafty stuff, she is all in...... Sorry Rambling...lets get to the point :)

  You have no idea how much fun I had making the dresses for this party. I wanted something fun...spring...funky....and FUN!!!! Yes I am aware of saying that twice but isn't that what it's all about? My daughter is getting older and floral ruffles, as cute as they are,  started looking silly on her. Maybe it's not her age... more her spunky personality?????  Maybe a bit of both??? All I do know is she loves her dress and I could tell the girls at the party loved theirs also. To see them all  wearing dresses I made and LOVING them was such an unexplainable amazing feeling. You see... my goal is to be the lady who made"the dress" in your girl's closet that she ALWAYS wants to wear. OOHHHH... You know that dress...the one you cringe putting on them because you do NOT want it to get dirty :) Yes I want to be the culprit for your Mommy Daughter Dressing Wars...heehee. (that would be a blog itself)

  So Much time went into this party and with two kids of my own it gets pretty stressful. Making sample dresses, getting The photo shoot done, Jamie M designs the flier, we print and pass out fliers, make the dresses, drop off dresses, getting supplies and decoration...putting all that in a pretty presentable way(this requires time, ribbon and a lot of glue), making food, ironing (OH THE IRONING) check list is two pages long and promise not to bore you with it I am just amazed at how much time goes into one of these parties. It doesn't help I am the type of person who always wants to do more, more and more. More then I could ever fit into a 24/7 work week. Sleeping more then 5 hours a night is a luxury for me. I love this busy life. When I finally have nothing to do, I start filling my check list of things I can joke :) However at the end of the day it is always worth all my time and effort. I get that "good feeling inside" some of it pride but honestly I just love seeing kids happy, excited and having fun.
 So here are some pics of the party. My dear friend Keri was sweet enough to take pre-party pictures and thank you Mel for tagging me in all your wonderful party pictures.
Jamie M did a wonderful job with the girls pictures. I especially like the vintage prints!Checkout her web page, she does some beautiful work :)

**I want to thank my Mommy...she is the best :) wish she lived closer!!! XOXO
*** Special Thank YOU to my friend Keri, a dear friend that has helped me so much not just with these parties but life in general. She is my main support system and my "need to do" My morning coffees are not complete without her :)

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